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  • Gradually then Suddenly Report ($599 Value)

    In the follow up to his #1 national bestselling book, Adam Baratta exposes how the monetary system is poised to collapse, gradually then suddenly.

    The Gradually Then Suddenly Report takes a close look at social order supply and demand over the course of history, and introduces the "Supercycle" model, which helps provide clarity to the ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and was the basis for Adam’s $2.2 million Trade of the Century.

    Adam’s 15,000 word report specifically explains:

    • How Central Banks have reached the CRISIS MOMENT
    • Why Gold is Headed to over $10,000 per ounce
    • Why the federal reserve now wants higher gold prices
    • And exactly WHEN we can expect this all will occur

    The Gradually Then Suddenly report breaks down the supercycle into all of its stages, flips 40 years of investment theory on its head, and explains why financial assets are doomed to suffer in The Great Devaluation.  

    This proprietary model is already changing the game for investing.

    Investors have been using this report to identify changes in asset flows before they occur and take advantage of the resulting commodities boom.

    It explains why a monetary shift is inevitable and unavoidable, and is actually the new goal of the Federal Reserve.

    It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase “don’t fight the Fed.”

  • GTS Report: 9 Animation Models ($179 Value)

    These NINE Animation Modules have been called absolutely revolutionary by viewers. They take an in-depth look at:


    • Social Order Supply and Demand
    • The Crisis Moment
    • From High Demand to Low Demand
    • From Low Demand to High Demand
    • From Low Supply to High Supply
    • From High Demand to Low Demand
    • From High Supply to Low Supply
    • The Opposing Forces
    • History Repeats
    • The Future

    These modules are a breakthrough in investor data visualization, and once seen may change the way you view investing forever.

  • Cover for the Crime ($179 Value)

    This is the story of the U.S. dollar and the macroeconomic environment that shows exactly what's in store next for investors.

    Adam’s 30 minute documentary exposes how the central banks have used the health pandemic to dramatically expand their balance sheets and devalue their currencies.

    In this compelling masterclass format from the #1 Financial Author in America, you'll learn:

    • The inner secrets of the Supercycle, including the balance of social order supply and demand.
    • How cultural shifts influence the major economic cycles, and how these cycles are maybe more predictable than you realize.
    • Why the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar is now the only way forward.
    • How the biggest vehicle for change is crisis -- manufactured or natural.

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